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  • Welcome

    Whether you're determined to make some personal changes or just want to dip your toe into finding out about online learning or self development - congratulations on joining us!

    The new year is always a good opportunity to take stock of the past and put plans in place for the future. Maybe you've decided you'd like to get fit, change job, learn something new, or want to get into online dating (and are prepared to travel beyond a 10 mile radius!). 

    Whatever your resolutions, there's no better time to plan for your future. Why not start by writing yourself a letter? You can send it to yourself in the future to see how far you've come. offer this amazing service for free. I've been doing this for many years and I'm always surprised at how much I've changed when I receive my email. I don't always accomplish everything I set out to do, or find myself in the idealistic situation I hope for, such is the nature of life, but recording it certainly gives me enlightening perspective.

    You have the power to shape this year ahead. New year, new opportunities, all stretched out in front of you. Good luck on your journey. 

    • Background

      The project began way back in 2010 as a collection of books called the Coach Your Own Life series. They were a practical set of guides for mastering your destiny when life continually throws all sorts of nonsense your way. The series has since been converted into an online format so you can access it from any wifi enabled device at any time, and rather than just reading you can interact with the eLearning materials we've created to enhance the text.

      This version

      We conducted some focus groups and realised that people just don't have time to sit and read through masses of materials. They need bitesized learning that can be carried around in their pocket and give them a quick boost when they're on their lunch break. And so this mini taster course was created to give some learning and inspiration in small chunks. The topics offer samples of advice for positive everyday living. This will help you to recognise and eliminate negatives giving you the foundation for achieving your life goals, your way. 

      Here you have the benefit of our experiences, personally and professionally. We've spent years working in many different industries, researching, looking for answers, trying things out, learning about ourselves and the human race as we go along. Within all of our own life experiences are battles galore but we also remember the resolutions, and what worked for us might work for you. The stories and suggestions here might help you find and focus on the positives in your own life. 

      We hope you find the course helpful. Feedback is really important we'd be grateful if you could let us know your thoughts at the end. We are constantly looking to improve and strengthen the course for the future.

      • How the course works

        This course is in four parts. We would recommend looking at a topic each week, but the beauty of online study is that you can go at any pace and in any order. You can retake the course as often as you need to, if you find you go off course one week, start again the next. The course will remain open to anyone enrolled on it for a full month, so you can refer back to it. 

        You can set up a profile from the top right of the screen. If you don't want to use a photograph that's fine (you could consider using an avatar, a photo of something meaningful to you, or just leave it blank). If you want to change your details or reset your password you can do this here. 

        We recommend using Chrome as your browser for the best experience on this course. The course is structured with different eLearning links which will open in pop ups. Use the Next and Previous buttons to move through these. Open the link below to find out about the benefits of online learning. 

      • Teaching with us

        Maybe you have something you would like to share. Maybe you'd like to take the ideas here further, or show them in a different way. We can offer an online course area for you to add your materials and open to your learners. Even if you only have text based ideas just now, we can help you develop your materials and create great digital content. We can also help you market it to our community and your own networks. To give you an idea of the versatility of subjects, we have teachers currently working on their materials in mindfulness, careers, and health and wellbeing.  

        If there is something you are knowledgeable about perhaps you can ignite that passion in other hungry minds. It’s our ethos that every idea is worth exploring. We believe that everyone has something to teach, just as everyone has something to learn.

        Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss any ideas you might have - big or small. We'd love to hear from you

        • Thank you

          We hope you enjoyed this taster course and found the information useful. Feedback is really important to us so we'd love to hear what you think. 

          Please answer this very short questionnaire and do get in touch with us if there's anything you'd like to discuss further