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Welcome to this course which examines the history of York over the past 2000 years. Here, you can read excerpts from books, watch YouTube footage, see some of the amazing buildings and medieval houses that give the city its unique character. You can learn more about one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world.

York was founded in 71 AD when Brigantes Queen Cartimandua fought a battle with her husband and handed him over to her Roman opponents. Since the first century, York has seen Roman rule, Anglo-Saxon conquest, a Viking invasion, Norman settlement, Tudor reformation, Georgian splendour, Victorian revolution and the ever-changing 20th century. Who knows how the 21st century will evolve?

This course will examine:

  • Roman Beginnings
  • The History of York Minster
  • The Tudor Age
  • The Victorian Era
  • The Chocolate City
There will be a discussion board where students can ask questions to teachers but also to each other to increase their knowledge of York's history as much as possible.

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Happy travels around the city.